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How to Get Your Boss's Job
(And Get Your Boss to Help)
by Jim M. Allen

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Ready to move up? Desire to move on?

--Unless you (or your company) create a new position just for you, or you decide to get a better job outside your current company, chances are that you won't get promoted until your boss gets promoted (or moves on). Even then, there's no guarantee that you'll step into your boss's job.

There are three things that you can do to really make yourself promotable in your current job:

  1. Learn Your Boss's Job
  2. Train Your Replacement
  3. Continue your education

Learn Your Boss's Job

This means learn everything that your boss does, not just what you think they do, but every minute little detail.

Find out what they really do each day. What is their schedule? What are their daily challenges are (you might be surprised at what you don't know) and how they deal with them. Who are their information and action resources?

How do you do this?

Just ask.

Let your boss know that you're ready to advance and want to know how they do the work that they do.

The point of this is not to become a threat to your boss but to provide them with the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder themselves. Learn enough that you can step up to fill their shoes once they move on.

Train Your Replacement

The surest way to career stagnation is to be very good at your job and not have anyone available to replace you.

Now, that can mean job security if you really love what you do, but if what you really want to do is what they're doing over in Marketing? Then it can mean misery.

So, while you're learning you're boss's job, start grooming the person who will replace you. Share your secrets, your tricks of the trade. Pass on every bit of information you can to one or two people who you feel can step into your shoes once you move on.

Continue your education

Facts are facts: education pays. College degrees equal more money in your pocket over time... and improve your promotability. The importance of a good education can't be stressed too much. And there are so many ways to continue your education these days (you can earn a degree and never step foot in a classroom) that there's really no good reason not to earn a degree (or a higher degree).

So, put those three steps into practice and show your boss that you're more than prepared for a new position and a better salary. Make it easy for your company to promote you. Give them a reason -- give them a couple of reasons -- to make you the boss.

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